Spin Doctor: The Card Game of Dirty Politics

So you want to run for President? Then this is the game for you.

About the Game

Spin Doctor is a turn-based strategic cardgame where players take on the role of candidates for the President of the United States. Accumulate votes by collecting state cards while thwarting opponents with great debates and sleazy scandals. Be the first candidate to win a majority of electoral votes to win the election.

Where to buy

Brought to you by Neddy Games, Spin Doctor: The Card Game of Dirty Politics is now available on Amazon for $17.99.

Spin Doctor will soon be available from other online retailers. 

What’s in the box?


Spin Doctor comes with a deck of 110 playing card sized cards and a rule sheet. You can preview the rule sheet here.

Play Online

Spin Doctor is available as a free game on  Tabletopia.com, a service for playing card and board games virtually online. We are also working to bring Spin Doctor to Tabletop Simulator and other virtual board game platforms.

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